A Kid Friendly Home Computer Business

Using your home computer, make it your business to capitalize on the fact that parents LOVE pictures of their kids; and everything they write, or say, or do.

Your business can print photos on nearly anything with the help of your home computer.

I’m the mom of three children; a 17 year old boy, whose been in every sport that uses a ball since he was four years old, and six and seven year old girls who are junior divas. If you are a parent you know it is true; if you aren’t a parent, trust me when I say that I have spent literally thousands of dollars on photos of my children. Oh,if I had only known that I could be the one benefiting financially from that motherly need to see her children on T-shirts, tote bags, buttons and nearly anything else you can find.

You will need special software and a high quality printer for this endeavor, but if you already have the children, or you know where to find several of them, chances are you have all of the contacts you need for a healthy home business. Your computer does most of the work for you.

Your business can make personalized books with the help of your home computer.

There are several programs for this endeavor. Some require a hefty start up fee but offer a high quality hard backed book. If this is the business you choose I offer an alternative idea with less of a financial investment required. Create a generic children’s story that will work in most situations, and take orders to personalize it. Using your color printer, create a small paper backed book, or even one with a spiral binding if you choose. If you’re really creative; offer, for a fee of course, to use digital photos of the child instead of generic illustrations to further personalize it.

Parents just love this stuff, at least this one did. Three times.

Your home business can offer personalized certificates made on your computer.

Okay, most people have their own home computer and can print their own personalized certificates if they have the software. However, if the parent has more than two children, isn’t crafty or works full time, the probability is that they might use your services because it is a more efficient use of their time. Your goal is to make them realize how much they need it.

If you have children of your own you have the perfect marketing tools. Display little Johnny’s face on everything you might want to produce for the other parents. Give the soccer coach on of the personalized certificate of appreciation that you offer. Have your darling little Mary take her own personalized book for “show and tell, then be ready for the orders to come in, because they will.

Your business can make use of the home computer to create and send the marketing materials, the samples, the finished product and the billing and that is an effective use of your time.
— Andora Henson

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