Unlimited Bandwidth Does Not Exist Right?

Many web hosting providers offer “unlimited bandwidth”. So what does this really mean? After all, it certainly sounds good!

What is Bandwidth? It is the amount of traffic (data) transmitted to and from your website. So the more visitors you have looking over your website, logging into your website and buying items from your website, etc., the more bandwidth you are going to use and the more money you a re-likely to pay if you overpass your limits.

Now let’s right to the bad news: unfortunately, “unlimited bandwidth” doesn’t really exist. It’s strictly a marketing trick, a buzz word, an attention grabbing sound byte to get you to sign up with that particular hosting provider.

The best thing you can do is avoid hosting providers that advertise unlimited bandwidth. If you really think you can get unlimited bandwidth, read their Terms of Service agreement very carefully. You’ll see the true soon or late.

The hosting providers that offer unlimited bandwidth are betting on the fact that your site won’t use very much bandwidth – so it won’t be a problem for them and, even more importantly, it won’t be a problem for you because they don’t want to be the ones to have to tell you (1) that they tricked you in the first place (your website is now using too much bandwidth) and (2) you have to pay more because of that or (3) you need to upgrade to a more expensive hosting plan.

Several honest web hosting providers does not engage in such marketing ploys. but still offer a wide variety of Linux web hosting plans so that you can choose the bandwidth and disk space that best meets your needs. If your website business grows, upgrading to the next higher bandwidth plan is easy to do and prices can be very affordable also.

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