A Medical Blog As a Resource

What is a medical blog?

A medical blog is a web log that discusses various medical topics and provides great resources for all physicians.

What should a medical blog consist of?

-discussions of various medical topics

-a forum for all physicians at any stage of training to contribute or ask questions

-help pre-med students decide if medicine is right for them

-choosing the right medical school and getting into it

-resources that help students cope with medical school

-help medical students choose the right residency

-education to help residents cope with the tough residency years

-planning for the job after residency and the skills needed

As I went on my long journey to become a physician, I did not feel that I had the proper guidance. It seemed every time I needed an answer, I had to search deep and wide to find it. Not many were honest about their experiences in medical school, residency, and as an attending. There was so much uncertainty. What do I study? How long should I study? What books are the best? How do you balance medicine and life? These and a ton of other questions were always on my mind. I had to actively go and seek out the answers and a lot of times there was no direction, no clear answer. That’s why I wish I had a medical blog that guided me through my medical education. I feel that everyone that goes through medicine needs some direction. A medical blog is a great solution to this problem.

Hope you all the best! Ronny Abraham, MD

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