An Introduction to UNIX Web Hosting

What Is UNIX? UNIX was first developed in AT&T’s Bell Laboratories in the early 1970’s. In the four decades of use, the UNIX operating system has earned the reputation as one of the most powerful, versatile and flexible secure operating systems around.

The UNIX operating system has been under constant development ever since its inception. It is extremely stable system for servers, desktops and laptops.
UNIX systems also have a graphical user interface similar to Microsoft Windows which provides an easy to use environment. In the early 1980’s, a UNIX system began to grow rapidly and was noticed by industry analysts and researchers. Throughout the 1980’s, the debate about the strengths and weaknesses of UNIX systems often raged. And, in an effort to further differentiate competing UNIX system products, analysts kept developing and adding features of their own.

Why Should I Choose UNIX?

You should choose the platform based on your website needs. Define specific functions you need your website to perform along with the programming language and database required to perform them.

What is Free BSD and OpenBSD?

There are two main Unix-based operating systems: FreeBSD and OpenBSD. The good thing about these systems is that they seem to be very stable once you install them on your machines. OpenBSD is also known to be one of the most secure operating system in the world. But with OpenBSD you will have to sacrifice some features for security. Again the best thing about these systems is that they are both free.

What Scripting Languages Are Available For UNIX?

UNIX supports a wide variety of application languages, more than any other operating system. The most common include C, C++, Shell, Perl, Tcl, Python, Java and PHP.

What Databases Does UNIX Support?

Databases available for UNIX are SQL and mySQL. Which one you choose depends on your needs and what your Web Hosting Provider offers. This is an important item for you to review when choosing your web hosting company.

Why is UNIX better for your hosting purposes?

Most obviously because it is cheaper than Windows. It is also more reliable and secure. About 70% of the internet web servers run UNIX/LINUX operating system.

What Is Linux?

Linux is an Open Source Unix-type operating system. A young student named Linus Torvalds at the University of Helsinki in Finland initially created it as a hobby. Today, it has become quite popular worldwide because of its functionality and availability. This is functionally very similar to UNIX, so most web servers will use Linux.

What Is Apache?

The Apache HTTP Server is an open-source HTTP server for modern operating systems including UNIX and Windows NT. Apache has been the most popular web server on the Internet since 1996 because of its reputation as a secure, efficient and extensible server, in sync with the current HTTP standards.

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Do Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Space in Web Hosting Really Exist?

In web hosting today, customers demand is getting harder and harder to satisfy. Unlimited disk space and bandwidth seem to be compulsory on the packages that they offer. Companies which do not have this seem to loose out in the competition. However, can unlimited disk space and bandwidth really be possible? In the market today, it is possible with the marketing technique of Overselling.

Like we mentioned, Overselling is merely a marketing method for providers to describe their product or services. For an example, a company organizing a dinner for 50 people will provide 60 tickets for sale. With their statistics, they know that 5-10 people will not turn up. Therefore, they do not have any disadvantages at hand. However, this Overselling technique could be disastrous for your company’s reputation if used incorrectly.

In web hosting, this technique is very commonly used because competitors are found everywhere. Overselling could meet the demand of the customers. By doing that, they can stay in contention with other companies. Moreover, customers want to get more while paying less, this reason males the company even more reason to use this overselling technique.

Here is an example of Overselling used in web hosting. Company A is a company that is capable of delivering 20 000 GB of bandwidth and 2000 GB disk space. They offer a plan that offers 2000 GB o bandwidth monthly and 200GB storage space. They are able to do this because they calculated that 90% of their clients never use more than 10% of the resources they were provided. Mathematically, they can only accept 10 clients. Therefore, they are overselling.

For unlimited bandwidth, it is clear that it is impossible to be achieved. The bandwidth really depends on the resources that you are provided. They are the CPU Time, RAM Usage and Database Connection. Before unlimited bandwidth can be achieved, you will have to sort out the limited resource that you have. Company will usually state this in their terms of service ‘If a user is monopolizing a server resources, XXX Hosting Company has the right to immediately suspend the account for resource abuse. No refund will be offered.’ This is a way the companies trick their clients. Therefore, it is always better to choose a provider that has a good reputation backing their honest service.

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Unlimited Bandwidth Does Not Exist Right?

Many web hosting providers offer “unlimited bandwidth”. So what does this really mean? After all, it certainly sounds good!

What is Bandwidth? It is the amount of traffic (data) transmitted to and from your website. So the more visitors you have looking over your website, logging into your website and buying items from your website, etc., the more bandwidth you are going to use and the more money you a re-likely to pay if you overpass your limits.

Now let’s right to the bad news: unfortunately, “unlimited bandwidth” doesn’t really exist. It’s strictly a marketing trick, a buzz word, an attention grabbing sound byte to get you to sign up with that particular hosting provider.

The best thing you can do is avoid hosting providers that advertise unlimited bandwidth. If you really think you can get unlimited bandwidth, read their Terms of Service agreement very carefully. You’ll see the true soon or late.

The hosting providers that offer unlimited bandwidth are betting on the fact that your site won’t use very much bandwidth – so it won’t be a problem for them and, even more importantly, it won’t be a problem for you because they don’t want to be the ones to have to tell you (1) that they tricked you in the first place (your website is now using too much bandwidth) and (2) you have to pay more because of that or (3) you need to upgrade to a more expensive hosting plan.

Several honest web hosting providers does not engage in such marketing ploys. but still offer a wide variety of Linux web hosting plans so that you can choose the bandwidth and disk space that best meets your needs. If your website business grows, upgrading to the next higher bandwidth plan is easy to do and prices can be very affordable also.

What is a WAN Service and How Can it Help?

A WAN, or Wide Area Network is a computer network that covers a large area, such as those whose communications need cross metropolitan, regional or national boundaries. A WAN is used to connect local area networks, or LANs and other networks together; the linking of these computers allows users and computers in one area to communicate with users and computers in another location.

Most WANs are designed for a single organisation and are privately used. Those that are built by ISP, Internet Service Providers, provide connections from various organisation LANs, or local area networks, to connect to the Internet, in this way, communications can be delivered over national boundaries.

These types of communications include;

  • Instant messages
  • Emails
  • Real time auctions
  • Online ordering placing

This in turn can reduce costs for companies by eliminating the need for travel and expensive long distance phone calls.

The benefits of using a WAN are that you can connect computers that are located over a vast area together. A network that can exchange data between sights is efficient and effective. The WAN enables computers to communicate with each other, some at different times and others at the same time. Not only can data be shared, but video as well, WANs are used for video conferencing and web casting. When communication is being shared between computers, each operator can access the same information at the same time.

When using a WAN, major corporations can reduce the branch office in house costs by enabling a centralised data centre to handle backup and storage resources. The use of a WAN also improves employee productivity by increasing and accelerating work applications as well as reducing replication across the WAN.

The use of private WANs have significant benefits also; the network is safe, secure and as it states, private. This type of network can reduce support and maintenance costs. There is an increased speed of the data that can be transmitted between sites because no other users are on the network. There is the ability to quickly access data that might be stored at different locations. This is also a great way for a company to provide training to their employees without the expense of airline tickets, hotels and providing meals for them.

As you can see, the benefits of having a WAN are vast. Whether you are using a private network to utilise quickness and efficiency between your satellite offices, or whether you are using a public WAN such as the Internet to purchase an item, communication between geographic areas is an important role in our society. Many people have used the Internet to gain knowledge by attending on-line college classes, or just have some fun playing an on-line interactive game; all of these activities were accessed using a WAN. The use of WANs offers opportunities never before possible for businesses as well as the everyday consumer.

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Managed Hosting Can Help You?

At present occupied and the competitiveness of the industry, the time for companies is not just an option. In the past, when a company of the CPU no, it meant a big problem. The time it takes to either replace or rebuild the CPU that had the potential to completely paralyze the company. In today’s market, there is no time to rebuild or replace and that many companies do not even have the option. However, further progress with companies once afraid of reconstruction and replacement of no longer have any reason to worry. With the new Managed Hosting worry about the CPU failure no longer has to be a nightmare.

Managed Hosting is a safe and reliable backup of the information about your CPU in the event of an accident or a system failure. The Good managed hosting system is not only extremely reliable, but is much cheaper than many forms of back-up place at present. With the Good system can work at ease knowing that in the event of a failure, the CPU Managed Hosting server backup 100% of your CPU and can provide very fast recovery time for the corruption!

Not only the housing offer managed backup for your CPU, but also offers much more. It is foreseeable that with the data transfer systems, 24 hours a day dedicated firewalls, which monitor and manage your CPU and other storage systems. It offers load balancing, which is beneficial to companies large and small, it enables all systems to share the same burden, rather than a machine is overloaded.

Managed Hosting with ensuring 100% uptime, some companies promise that you will have 100% of its network availability or you will receive 10% of their monthly fee back for half a day and even up to 100% the monthly fee! They can also provide a setting the hardware, meaning that if your hardware is not fixed within the hour, you get a 5% of their monthly fee back! Along with instant retrieval system, which means that if your system is not being worked on ten minutes and is not fixed in time, you get 10% of their monthly fee back! Apparently, most important, they can offer our support throughout the year.

Now think about it. The server crashes and has no Good Managed Hosting. You do not have the support to the floor, the hardware is not backup of your network is unavailable, your system can not be recovered and has customers waiting in his office for information on their promises. Can we really afford to lose customers, or will be so comprehensive as to wait three weeks to obtain these documents. I do not want to know! Good Managed Hosting is the top of the line back-up system for its top of the line of the company.