Great Google Drive Features That Redefine Effectiveness

If you have a Gmail account, you may have noticed a triangular shaped icon on the attachment when you wanted to download it. That is the Google Drive button. The drive allows you to store and synchronize files on your iPhone, PC, iPad or Android. Maybe you have already installed it on your device, but you haven’t fully utilized its amazing features.

Basic Google Drive features

The drive allows you 15GB of storage across Gmail, Google+ Photos, and Google Drive. If you run out of storage space, you can purchase more. Better still, you can create files, upload and add files using only one button, share files, find and add the shared files, drag and drop files, as well as save attachments in Gmail to your drive and then share them.

More useful features

Apart from the aforementioned features, here are more Google Drive features that have proved very useful to both students and people at the workplace:

– Synchronization with other apps

– Scanning of documents on your Android

– Viewing of files offline

– Google Forms

– Google Diagrams

– Searching

– Installation of over 100 apps

– Reviewing your history

With Google Drive, you can work better with other apps. The drive works with the Docs, Slides, and Sheets apps to allow you to share documents, spreadsheets that are already built out, and make presentations.

It gets better as you can scan paper documents on your Android with the drive. Take a photo of the document, and store them as PDFs.

The drive has an option of viewing your files offline. This allows you access to the files if your phone loses service, for example if you are flying, or if the network is weak.

‘Google Forms’ allows you to do a survey using a simple online checklist. You can then view the results on a spreadsheet.

‘Google Diagrams’ allows you to create flow charts and lay out diagrams which you can later add or embed on other documents.

The drive recognizes objects in your texts, images and scanned documents. You can therefore search for a particular word and the search results will include the word and all images that contain the word.

You can install over 100 apps using the drive collection that can allow you to do landscaping, edit your profile, or even create a mind map.

With the app, you can review the history of your files and see any changes made, or even go back to the original versions.

How to download and access Google Drive

– Search

– Create a Google Drive account

– Install the drive on your device

– You can then upload and sync files

As we can see, Google Drive has some very useful features that you can utilize even on the move, ranging from the basic ones like free storage space, sharing files, dragging and dropping them, to the more advanced ones like scanning documents, searching for information and images, Google Diagrams and Forms. This is undoubtedly a must have app.