New Security Options in Lenovo Notebooks

Due to a growing number of notebook theft cases both manufacturers and normal users are always looking for new ways to protect data on their hard drives. Notebook theft is not a joke especially if you keep on his hard drive personal or confidential business data. The thief can get access to virtually all the information needed for identity theft.

Many peoples to avoid these types of threats chose notebooks with built-in fingerprint readers and encrypts data on their computers. But the Lenovo company proposes completely new solution in notebooks security which intends to put on sale in the coming year. One sms message sent by the owner will be sufficient to disable stolen notebook computer.

Service “Lenovo Constant Secure Remote Disable Feature” will together with devices that support WWAN. The user sending simple text message such as “Lockdown PC” or “PC shut off” will be able to block his computer operation.

At the time of receipt of message your notebook will automatically shuts off and in the case that thief will try to start it again it will completely block your machine. Also there will be message sent to the owner of the notebook informing that his computer was successfully blocked. In the case when the owner will get back his notebook he will be able to unlock his machine via a previously set password.

Introducing this type of security significantly reduce the stress associated with the loss of the notebook and the data contained on his hard drive. And with connection with already existing security features such as fingerprint readers, hard drive encrypting or security chip’s Lenovo notebooks will have the most advanced security features available on the market – says Bob Galush from Lenovo

As for now however it is unknown whether the data contained on a computer’s hard drive will be secure after it will be dismounted from the computer.

Marcin Zielezny

Marcin is the writer for blog reporting on the latest new gadgets and gizmos that you can buy in stores.