External Hard Drive With RAID – My Book Mirror Edition

Western Digital My Book Mirror Editions are a great new form of data storage and backup. Western Digital is known for high quality external storage drives, but they have now added an extra layer of security with the ability to set RAID 1 or 0 on the Mirror Editions. Whether you need external storage for business or personal reasons, these drives are worth looking into.

The My Book Mirror Editions currently are available in two sizes – 1-terabyte and 2-terabyte. As with other My Book drives, these do not come at a small MSRP. MSRP on these units are $289 – $549 dependent on the size you get. Keep in mind, these are suggested retail prices; the units can be found for much less.

The My Book Mirror Edition measures 6.54-inches x 6.06-inches x 3.87-inches and weighs around 5 pounds. This, in concatenation with its polished black exterior and book shape, makes the unit presentable in any atmosphere. Additionally, there is a blue LED light, on the front face of the box, which lets users know the status of the My Book, with a simple glance.

Users have the choice between either RAID 1 or RAID 0 on the My Book Mirror Edition. Using RAID 1 reduces the overall storage size to half, but provides you with a duplicate copy of your data on the second drive. RAID 0 provides you with a bit less security – no replica of data – but gives you more overall storage space. The drives are somewhat customizable to your needs.

The unit has a Drive Manager, which enables users to view the status, temperature, and capacity of the unit. Users can also change the configuration through Device Manager. You can change from RAID 1 to RAID 0 and vice versa. (For consumers who do not understand what this will do, your data will be wiped if you reconfigure your unit to a different RAID setting.)

Western Digital implemented an application called WD MioNet, which allows users to access their drives via the internet. You can now access your data regardless of where you are at. Additional applications and software are available, some of which are WD Anywhere Backup, a 30-day trial of Memeo Autosync, Google, Desktop Search, and Picasa.

Installing additional software and transferring files is very user-friendly. The overall user-interface, and ease of navigation and use, enables users of any skill level to operate the My Book Mirror Edition nearly effortlessly.

If one of the hard drives, in the unit, happens to fail, users can easily replace. Each hard drive is simple to remove for this purpose. The unit only uses USB connectivity; no there is no way to connect via FireWire or eSATA.

If you are looking for an external drive for data backups, and would like a little bit of security with it, the Western Digital My Book Mirror Edition is the right move. With a little bit of bargain hunting you can add this unit to any network with a small dent in your pocket book.

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