Quick Diagnosis of a Dead Laptop LCD Display

If you own a laptop computer, sooner or later you are going to be faced with a computer that has a display that has gone dark typically in one of two scenarios. In the most common case the LCD screen is damaged because of some physical event that caused the screen to be cracked or broken. Laptops do not take kindly to being dropped, especially when the case is opened and the accident occurs. In the second case there no physical damage and a malfunction in the video,power or control circuitry has caused the display to malfunction.

In the case of the cracked or physically damaged screen you need to determine if there is other damage to the laptop. The best way to do this is to plug in an external monitor using the video output connector at the rear of the laptop case. If the external monitor works and you see that your applications function then you know that you are looking at a LCD screen repair, and in the event you don’t repair the laptop you can still recover your data. Even if you elect not to repair the laptop this kind of failure is the best of a bad situation because the laptops still functions and you can still recover your data.

If the Laptop screen hasn’t been physically damaged, but the screen is still blank, you should still connect an external monitor as described above and determine if the rest of the laptop is functional. In the case where the screen is blank and an external monitor doesn’t work a more expensive diagnosis and repair scenario will probably be your only option.

It is always best to take these basic steps before you get a repair person involved. You should think through your repair options before you are confronted with a potentially costly repair decision.

The author is a computer industry professional in the service and repair industry. His career dates back to the early 1960’s and the early solid state large scale super computers. He has managed services organizations responsible for service of large PC networks and manged repair center operations. He has served on service industry councils of IBM, HP and Compaq. His website http://www.finestlaptops.com is focused on providing information on, and sources for cheap laptop computers.

Disposing of Your USB Memory Sticks

USB memory sticks are a wonderful way to back up and transport a range of digital information, from music to video to documents to pictures. The only question is, when you are ready to retire your memory stick, how do you dispose of it? Before you think about just throwing away your USB memory stick, consider the myriad ways you can recycle or reuse it.

Before you find an outlet for your old memory sticks, make sure all the information you wrote onto the stick has been properly and completely deleted. While deleting the files yourself at home may appear to remove the information from the stick, the data may still be accessible to skilled hackers and certain spy programs. The best practice is to take the drive to your local computer store or maintenance location and have them professionally delete the information.

A great way to dispose of your memory stick is to donate it. For example, some companies collect unwanted and old USB sticks and recycles them for students and professionals in developing countries who do not have access to such technology. Some education trusts also accepts donated USB memory sticks in support of schools in Africa. If you prefer your donation to stay more local, then some local libraries distribute audio books to the blind on donated memory sticks.

If you do not like the idea of donating your USB memory stick, it is also possible to recycle your memory stick at home by finding alternative uses for them. Unwanted USB sticks can be used as key chain charms or plant labels. The circuit boards and interior wiring can be reconfigured and redesigned to make unique jewelry pieces, and an arrangement of USB parts could contribute to an art project. Some people grind up their old USB sticks and lay it around flower beds as moisture insulation and weed protection. All you need to recycle your memory stick at home is a little imagination!

A final resort for the disposal of unwanted USB memory sticks is throwing them away but make sure to heed the warning about deleting all information properly before choosing this disposal option!

Everything considered, the best disposal method is reuse. One of the best aspects of a USB memory stick is it can be rewritten again and again and continue to hold and transport your data in a small and efficient manner and with sales of these units in the hundreds of millions they are likely to be here for quite some time yet.

How to Go About Downloading iPod Videos

Increasingly, iPods are becoming more and more popular among all ages. Its portability, sleek design, colorful graphics and entertainment possibilities are just some of the reasons for the iPod’s popularity. And if one is to make full use of the iPod (and maximize the substantial outlay for this high-tech gadget), then one should learn how to go about downloading iPod videos. It can be daunting at first especially when confronted with words like application, software, decrypters, rips, and other tech-nerd words. However, learning how to go about downloading iPod videos can be as easy as pie, or at least as easy as following simple albeit many instructions.

When you ask an experienced video downloader about how to go about downloading iPod videos, you will usually be referred to legitimate web sites that offer safe and reliable iPod video downloads. With the Internet being a haven for scams and schemes, the membership fee for unlimited downloads is value for your money. Not only are you safe from computer pests, you are also assured of excellent service. Just to mention a few of these outstanding web sites, you can always subscribe to The Movies Download though there is always iTunes. These sites offer gazillions of videos and music to choose from, such that you will run out of ideas to browse and download but the sites will never run out of music and videos to satisfy you. With the free tutorials on these sites, learning how to go about downloading iPod videos can indeed be as easy as pie.

When you know how to transfer files from one media to another, gaining knowledge on how to go about downloading iPod videos is a quick study since these processes are basically the same. The difference is that the latter requires larger data space and compatibility requirements, which can take time and further learning on your part. If you subscribe to the above mentioned web sites, be sure that you have the time to browse through the selections, select your videos and music, and wait for the downloads to finish. Having a fast Internet connection speed, high-tech computers, various Internet browsers and patience will come a long way towards learning how to go about downloading iPod videos from these web sites. Again, tutorials and technical support are provided, plus free conversion software in selected web sites.

For example, at The Movies Download, your personal computer with Internet connection can be used to download videos; use it like you would browse through the Internet. When you find the movie or video of your choice, you download it to your computer; specify the destination and the title, of course. For the novice, the site provides detailed and specific download instructions for its members on a 24/7 basis, using plain English. From searching within the site, to downloading, to transferring videos from the Internet to your computer to your iPod, the site will teach you how to go about downloading iPod videos. This is also true for all the other web sites since excellent service before, during and after sales are the main objectives. Even if you were the most phobic of all things technological, these reliable and safe web sites can guide you on how to go about downloading iPod videos. We do live in a nice world, huh?

John Wood has written a comprehensive review of the movie and tv show download service The Movie Downloads. You can read his TheMovieDownloads Review here.